The first time I heard the word ‘minimalism’ was in the movie called ‘Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things’. The story is about two guys who spread this idea very widely.

But let’s start from the very beginning.

After my half marathon, I came home with another medal. One of the walls in my room that already was covered with other stuff was waiting for my prize, but not me, on that day.

As soon as I started hanging that medal on the wall, I determined to clean everything it had and as a result, my head and brain became purer, brighter. My flat started to seem bigger. I noticed that space was filled not with things, it was mine.

The feeling was as if I got a load off my chest. I started to breath more slowly and I realized that everything in my room was bought with a desire to impress myself or the guests. Almost all the things bought were not needed. The most part of the stuff in my flat was a waste of money and time.

Sitting in the room and thinking about what I wanted was impossible because when I turn my head to the right, I saw the picture of me and my friends, so I started thinking about them. Turning my head to the left showed me the time on the clock. When I opened the fridge I thought not about food but about trips that I had at the time when I wasn’t going to think about them. Things started to control me, my thoughts, my life. Shouldn’t it be vice verse?

Every year my granny makes me a present — jewelry, which I never wear, though box occupies some place. It seems like nothing special, but what if you have 6 members in the family and every year each of them gives you a present that just stands in your flat and does nothing? Well, in fifty years or even less, your things will live in the flat and you will probably rent one more flat for yourself.

From year to year, I cleaned my flat from the things I didn’t use. I was shifting things around almost every month but there was a little something wanting. It wasn’t enough.

One day I saw a movie. It was honest and thought-provoking. That film showed me what I hadn’t understood until that moment — minimalism. As Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus said in one of their articles:

The most important things in our life are not things, indeed.

In his article Derek Sivers describes why he doesn’t take presents on his birthday and other holidays in such a way:

I found this charming podcast in ‘The Tim Ferris Show’ with Marie Kondo. I will cite Marie:

All the information and the feelings that I had allowed me to overview the attitude to my life, the things that are around me, time.

Photo by Ashley Batz on Unsplash

Probably the toughest was to tell my most special people about the gifts, to explain why I give to other people clothes and why my apartment became almost empty.

Nevertheless, I didn’t stop doing what I decided and it was the right step.

If you bend under a strain of other people’s opinion, it will be hard for you to understand what does it mean to take responsibility for your life because you do what others tell you, and correspondingly the road to true you will be much longer. At some future time, therefore, when you will think about turning aside remember that, of course, your friends wish you the best, but only you know what is best for yourself.

A year ago half of the clothes from my cupboard was given to other people. Other clothes were sent to my granny and relatives. It’s been a year since I asked to not give me physical gifts and I feel happy.

Cleaning your house from old things clean the energy of your home and you. You become open to the new as well as your apartment.

Today I have only the things I need. My happiness consists of the moments and not of the things I bought at some day.

Try to start creating minimalism from your desk, your home and step by step you will open the secret on how to control the things and not allow it to be vice verse.

In the century of constant revolutions keep your mind ready and clean and surroundings will alter your world for better, creating new opportunities on the way.

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